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About – Together We Can

About Together We Can

Together We Can is an organization designed for youth to give back in a meaningful way.

TWC encourages friendships as the girls often work together at these events/organizations. A powerful dynamic takes place as they make new like-minded friends while also helping their communities thrive. Increased social awareness takes place as they connect with their community.

TWC enhances social skills, self-worth and self-confidence, responsible decision making, empathy and creates a sense of purpose.


  • We meet to discuss opportunities going forward, what the girls are passionate about, upcoming events, opportunities for leadership, etc….
  • General Meetings will be held up to 3 times during the school year.
  • Girls and parents are required to attend a minimum of 2 meetings. 
  • Girls who do not meet the minimum meeting requirement shall perform two hours of additional philanthropy for each meeting missed.
  • Day of the week, time and location will vary to accommodate differing schedules of girls and parents/guardians.

Financial Obligation

Dues will be charged to help fund the endeavors of TWC. Dues are $65 per daughter, per school year. A scholarship will be extended to any family for whom this is a hardship.


The TWC calendar of events allows you to check volunteer opportunities online and find out what’s out there for you.