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TWC Executive Board 2022-23

President: Amanda Boschken

  • Presides at all board and general meetings.
  • sets Board meeting times and days
  • Responsible for coordination of all events, delegating to members of the board as is appropriate.
  • Sets agenda for meetings
  • checks in with VPs to make sure everyone is on task


VP Membership/Hours: Rhea Libunao 

  • Maintains membership database
  • Sends a welcome email, track it forward URL and adds the person to google calendar and TWC group email
  • Recruits new members from MVLA community
  • Maintains email list for membership
  • Provides new members with login information to track hours on Track It Forward
  • Collects and maintains a database of hours/meetings count for members


VP Meetings: Joy Sheerer, Maya Freeto, Sylvie and Elizabeth Hutter, Lauren G.

  • Coordinates with the president on meetings
  • Works with the board on planning meeting dates
  • Secures speaker for the calendar year (1-2 minimum)
  • Schedules and coordinates all general meetings at location TBD. This includes snacks, supplies, etc.
  • Writes thank you notes to speakers
  • Coordinates website posting of any video/photos taken at meetings.


VP Communications: Sophia Eckinger/Liv Solomon

  • Monitors email account and forwards emails to members
  • Maintain the TWC google group email account making sure all new members are added
  • Coordinate with President to send out announcements and reminders for meetings
  • Request meeting minutes from Secretary and send minutes to members
  • Coordinate with VP of Hours to get a list of philanthropy activities and send members reminders about logging volunteer hours in Track It Forward


TWC E-newsletter: Carla Dagnone/Tess Remai

  • creates a monthly newsletter with member info, volunteer opportunities
  • add pictures etc… 


VP Philanthropy: Need parent helper here

Philanthropy Liaisons: Rachel K., Tvisha, Sabina, Robin, Maddie, Sophia B., Kate R., Ariana, and Kelsey

  • Recruit & manage a team of Philanthropy Liaisons who manage relationships w/our philanthropies
  • Send out monthly philanthropy opportunities
  • Make sure volunteer opportunities are on the TWC google calendar and are updated regularly
  • Speak about philanthropy topics at TWC meetings
  • Help recruit philanthropy reps for TWC meetings


VP Events: Devra Wang/Sophie Murdock

Event Helpers: Kylie P, Symphony, Yilin, Carmen, Sophie L., Kelsey R. 
  • Set up 2 TWC events/year 
  • Manage philanthropy events with a focused goal in mind
  • Works with Board on implementing and planning
  • Work closely with Philanthropy people to see event through


The Post Fundraiser: Amanda Boschken

  • Amanda Boschken will be hosting, please reach out to help
  • we will be planning times/days for this event
  • need to organize/plan spreadsheet for helpers during the event
  • members will be organizing a raffle and making baskets for the raffle


VP Secretary: Fiona and Katie Bodkin

  • Responsible for recording minutes at the board and general meetings
  • Send minutes to VP Comm


VP Social Media Coordinator: Cate Boschken/Sadie Scott

  • Sends info to VP Communications
  • Maintain bi-monthly TWC connections through social media (Instagram & Facebook)
  • Manage Instagram & Facebook accounts
  • Bi-monthly inspirational content
  • Upcoming events and highlights
  • Promotions
  • Send texts to TWC groups
  • Communicate new events to teens/tweens


Website Coordinator:

  • Need volunteer here. Doesn’t take much time but needs to be updated.
  • Works with VP of Communications
  • Develops and maintains TWC website which should include a monthly calendar of events, Philanthropy opportunities, general information about each philanthropy, meeting minutes, newsletters, etc.
  • Keep website up to date with membership information/adds pictures and videos


Photographer: Anja Sheerer.

(We could use another person here to cover events)
  • take photographs at TWC events
  • send photos to VP social media, communications and website coordinator
 Note: We will always be looking for assistance with events that we plan and philanthropic activities throughout the year. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up yet for a specific team, don’t worry…we will need your help in many ways throughout the year